My Beamish Brood

My Beamish Brood

Monday, July 6, 2015

She's Three!

On the heels of a fun, busy weekend away and in the middle of a full week of Vacation Bible School, somewhere in there my spunky little gal turned three years old! I knew her actual birthday would be busy, but we managed to get some good celebrating in. Her brothers made her a crown and wand, and we had donuts for breakfast. Then Grandma came and took her out for ice cream in the afternoon, and we concluded with cupcakes in the evening. Three treats for the three year old! I think she's still coming off that sugar high.

Then on Saturday, when we had a moment to catch our breath, we had her Thomas the Train birthday party. It was low-key, just her cousins and auntie and grandparents, but it was perfect. We had an impromptu water balloon fight (man I love summer birthdays!), Thomas balloons, and a Thomas ice cream cake. (Did I mention I love summer birthdays?) Then Audrey got to open her gifts, which included, to her delight, a stroller for her Baby Owie! She immediately buckled in her baby and took her for three consecutive walks around the block.

Everyone had a wonderful day, especially the Birthday Girl.  Happy, happy birthday, Audrey Therese!

How to decorate a Thomas cake for non-cake-decorators, like me