My Beamish Brood

My Beamish Brood

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Two Crazy, Two Cute

Well I just have to say, it's a good thing they make toddlers cute! Blaise has kept me running since the day he was born. I get exhausted just thinking about the distance he covers each day, even if he doesn't leave the house! He is into everything, climbs on everything, escapes from everything, and he does it all with a huge smile on his face. He is the joy of his siblings' lives, and he feels the same. Most mornings, Blaise is the first one awake. As his brothers and sisters wander down the stairs one at a time, they are each greeted with an enthusiastic squeal... and often a tackle. The same goes for his Daddy... when Paul gets home from work, you'd think it was Christmas the way Blaise trips over himself to get to the door. He sure makes us all feel loved!

These past two years have brought a lot of growth in motherhood as I juggle the needs of older kids who just keep getting older with little ones who just want MOM. I still haven't figured out any magic formula, but I wouldn't trade the craziness for the world! Sibling relationships bring their challenges, but I know that my kids will never wonder if they are loved. On the days that my patience has run out and I snap a little louder than I wanted to, they can always turn to their sweet brother for a snuggle or a smack in the face... his two favorite ways of showing affection.

I will not be a bit surprised if Blaise ends up being an extreme sports fan when he grows up. Every drive we take, he points out (actually, shouts out) each motorcycle, big truck, and brightly painted car that we pass. The louder and faster, the better. His goal in life is to ride his big wheeler as far down the street as he can before I catch him. Once he made it to the end of the block, and I didn't see him slowing down at all as I ran to catch him! I honestly don't know how far he'd go! Monica and Glenn, if you open your door one day to find him on your doorstep, don't be surprised.

He thinks helmets are the coolest thing since sliced bread... literally. He loves bread. I once found him in our bread drawer eating whole slices plain. But helmets are even better! He has been known to steal helmets from unsuspecting kids who biked to soccer practice. Thankfully, he has always returned them... so far.

But for as much as he is on the go, he still loves to snuggle in my arms with his paci and blankie at bedtime. He has amazingly turned into a great sleeper, a huge 180 from his first year of life! I have been getting full nights of sleep for over six months now and it. is. amazing. And necessary... oh man, he hits the ground running every morning!

Blaiser, Blaisius, Blaisey, you are the joy of my heart. I hope you never lose your enthusiasm for life!