My Beamish Brood

My Beamish Brood

Saturday, January 25, 2014

"I don't know how it happened, Mom!"

Yes, dear, I'm sure that you simply closed your eyes... and when you opened them you were mysteriously wedged behind the crib. How my children decide to end up in some of the places they end up is beyond me.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Merry, Merry

So I didn't make my goal of posting about Christmas before the Christmas season was over. I tried... well, I kind of tried. Just seems like all I want to do lately after the kids go to bed is curl up on the couch and watch a movie (read: fall asleep). But if I want to have any memories of this holiday, I'd better get it in print now or it will be long gone!

We stayed in-state for Christmas this year, and it was exactly what this expecting momma needed. We took the kids to the early Christmas Eve Mass with my parents and then had them over for clam chowder- an unbroken yearly tradition in this family! (side note: when I initially told my brother I might be making the chowder instead of our mother, he had such a strong negative reaction that I handed the reins directly back to her! To think, his sister might be put in charge of such an important tradition?? Just wait, Ben, one of these years...) 

Christmas morning, our children slept in until almost 8:00! What?! Who does that? We actually had Audrey wake up Max eventually because we wanted to start the morning. We opened presents after breakfast, relaxed for awhile in a pile of wrapping paper and boxes, and then we prepared to head to my parents' house for the rest of the day. The rest of the family beat us there, and we sat down to a delicious Christmas meal shortly after we arrived. Then, of course, more presents! 

Later in the evening, we celebrated Max's birthday with even more presents- we went with an art supply theme, and he came away with a load of great new stuff for his art projects! (Thanks to family members that added to the collection from afar- Monica and Maureen!) My mom made a delicious fruit and cream dessert and stuck some candles in so we could sing to the birthday boy... and his brother got right in there to help him. We stayed at my parents' house until bedtime, then the kids all snuggled into brand new jammies for the drive home.

It was a perfect day, and I am so thankful that my whole family was able to celebrate together. Merry Christmas!

All the grandkids!
Uncle Ben and Audrey on the keys
Admiring the Christmas tree

Sunday, January 5, 2014

An Announcement!

I sat down to write a post about Christmas, but I realized I couldn't do it until I made an official announcement, because my version of Advent and Christmas doesn't make much sense unless you hear our news:

We are expecting Baby #4!

I don't have any cute or clever announcement picture like I'm seeing all over the place lately, I just don't plan ahead that much lately. So use your imagination and pretend that I was creative!

I'm sure that everyone who reads this blog was already well aware of this fact, but my goodness, I had to make it official didn't I? As of today I am ten weeks along, and I am starting to see the light at the end of the morning sickness tunnel. I wrote all about my pregnancy sickness trials here, so I won't rehash it all for you, but I will simply say that the going has been rough thus far. Growing a person is hard work! I am not a bit ashamed to beg you all for your prayers, and I know I have been the recipient of so many already. Please, please, keep it up. You all are amazing!

I am overjoyed to know that there is a new life growing inside of me, and the kids- especially Max- can't wait to meet their newest sibling. They are already talking to my belly (and taking turns talking "for" the baby), but I just can't wait until they get to hold the little one in their arms... there's nothing quite like that moment.

Again, thank you for your prayers. I hope to resurface soon as a functioning member of society, and maybe this week I'll even check a few items off of my to-do list... ehh, we'll see. I have important work to do!

Friday, January 3, 2014

Thankful for a Houseful

Yes I am aware that it's January and I'm just now posting about Thanksgiving, but I say better late than never, right? I mean, if nothing else, I had to post this picture of the delicious turkey that Paul made:

Jealous much? You should be. But actually, however wonderful the turkey was, it was nothing compared to the company we had for Thanksgiving. Grandma and Grandpa and Liam drove up from Rapid City, and Uncle Patrick came down from college to hang out with us for the long weekend, and we had a great time! The weather was brisk, but we still managed to get outside a few times. The whole crew (minus napping Audrey and a very tired me) took a hike in Crosby Farm Park so the boys could show off their new stomping grounds.  We also spent an afternoon outside in the backyard with a bonfire, playing soccer and roasting marshmallows.

Thanksgiving itself was relaxing and fun. I do love traveling to see family, and our kids are pretty darn good at road trips, but sometimes it is nice to celebrate a holiday in the comfort of home. Having family come to us was the best of both worlds! And I think we passed muster on the meal itself: Paul's fabulous turkey, green beans with carmelized onion, mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole, and of course Maureen brought an offering of her delicious cranberry sauce and PIE. Yum, yum, yum!

And then- this is how amazing my mother-in-law is- I didn't have to cook another meal the rest of the weekend! She brought frozen casseroles for us to eat for dinner so that I could spend my time with people instead of in the kitchen. She really thinks of everything.

As always, the weekend was over too soon. We miss everyone and look forward to the next visit!

Lucian and Uncle Liam having major snuggle time
Dream come true for my boys: storytime with BOTH grandmas!

Grandpa and Audrey, best buds!