My Beamish Brood

My Beamish Brood

Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Lie

First Degree Artwork on a non-approved surface

Maximilian Yantes, AKA Captain Max Salty, age 4
Pirate ship carving in guest room door 
Detail: smiling jolly roger
Not guilty

"Lucian did it!"

-No alibi
-Time of crime coincides with Suspect's rest time in the room where crime was committed
-Height of artwork exceeds reach of Suspect's brother, "Lucian"
-Piratical nature of artwork fits Suspect's modus operandi


They say lying is a normal part of a child's development, but it was still really hard to see Max lie to us in the face of indisputable evidence. He stood by his story for quite awhile, perfectly willing to let Lucian take the fall for him. Lucian even admitted to the crime after some prompting from his brother, even though he couldn't reach the top of the sails! Max did eventually confess to his crime after a long talk with Judge Dad, and we are hoping that he is fully reformed and ready to re-enter society as a productive citizen.


  1. We currently have a drawing on our basement wall that Addy tried to blame on Will, but it had a face! Will took credit for it too but he is in a stage where he likes to push limits and see if he can get into trouble.

  2. I told Paul the same thing happened with Mara and Liam with scribbles on the living room wall in dry eraser maker, which doesn't erase (dry or otherwise) from latex paint.

    Not only did Mara lie to Maggie and let Liam take the fall before Maggie pointed out Mara was holding the marker, when I came home from work Maggie pointed the scribbles out and I immediately assumed Liam did it. So Mara (already busted once before) sat by smiling while I accused Liam and he accepted responsibility (again) for his sister's crime. Maggie pointed out the guilty party had already been found and I had the wrong suspect...

    All that cuteness notwithstanding, Max did call me late Saturday night while you were telling Paul about your storm and we discussed the "irregularities" of this trial. He gave me your bank account number and there's a pending $5000 retainer that will hit your account tomorrow morning as his retainer...we're appealing this...

  3. Love Ryan's comment. I have to say Max did an awesome job on his pirate ship. Carving into wood is really hard. It just shouldn't have been the guest bedroom door:(

    1. I thought the same thing as Lori..."carving into wood is really hard..." what did he use? My guess is he knows his bedroom is already his territory, so he's branching out and conquering new spaces..and appropriately claiming them with a flag. Smart kid that one.

    2. Well, to clarify, his "carving" was done with a ballpoint pen that scratched the (very old) varnish off of our (very old) doors. Still an impressive feat, though!