My Beamish Brood

My Beamish Brood

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Once Around the Sun

 My poor, poor fourth-born gets the short end of the stick, I'm two months late posting about her first birthday! Her first birthday! That momentous occasion where she gets to dive head-first into a sugary mess for the very first time... how could I have put this off for so long? But I'm going to give myself a pass, seeing as we just completed our epic move across town, and just got internet access yesterday. So there's my excuse, but I still hope she doesn't grow up with a complex!

I love that we now have two summer birthdays in our family! It is so wonderful to celebrate at the Grandparents' pool with watermelon and grilled food. A summer party basically plans itself! Cousins Alexander, Isaac and Samuel came over to swim and party with us, and Edith even decided that she likes swimming! I think it helped that so many helpful family members were encouraging her.

Our food-lover devoured piles of watermelon, a hot dog, and an entire frosted cupcake. I pride myself on choosing the messiest possible dessert for her first foray into processed food, although I do feel a bit guilty about the amount of food dye she consumed. Ah well, all in moderation... including healthy eating I guess.

I remember with some of the other kids that age one felt like such a milestone. They're growing up! They've been alive a whole year already! But my dear, sweet Edith is still my little baby girl, and I don't believe I'll think of her any other way for quite some time. Happy belated birthday, Edith Clare!

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  1. YES---YES---Finally a blog post---I had been suffering from withdrawal--and I am so glad Edith is the star of this one