My Beamish Brood

My Beamish Brood

Friday, September 23, 2016

Baby Blaise Makes His Appearance

Hello world!
Welcome to the world, Blaise Lawrence! Oh my are we excited to have you here, little man! 

It's funny, this pregnancy seemed to go faster than any of my previous ones... until the final four weeks. My goodness, I felt like a blimp, I could barely move, and my body just decided it didn't know how to fall asleep anymore. It was excruciating. Mentally, I had geared myself up for another early baby, since my doctor and I spent a full ten weeks monitoring whether I would need progesterone shots during this pregnancy. After weeks of bedrest with Max, and biweekly shots to prevent preterm labor with the next three babies, I assumed that skipping the shots this time around would increase my chances of having another early baby. 

Boy was I wrong! Starting at 38 weeks, I started to prep myself for the inevitable... and then we had to wait... and wait... and wait... until my due date (and tenth anniversary!) September 2, the last possible day I ever imagined that I would be pregnant. We went for a walk with the whole family at Minnehaha Falls, hoping to move things along, but nothing. 

September 3rd, nothing. (Basketball, anyone? Bowling ball's more like it.)

September 4th, nothing. (But I got to watch Paul's team win their hockey tournament, so there's that!)

September 5th, nothing (Do I look a little crazy?)

Finally, on the morning of September 6, four days overdue, Baby Blaise decided to make his appearance!

We called my parents and began to prepare while we waited for them to arrive. My contractions got very strong while we waited, and each time one would hit, I would close my eyes and breathe until it passed... while the kids crowded around trying to ask me questions and talk about Pokemon! Paul finally had to intervene, firmly stating, "When Mom looks like that, DON'T talk to her." (Thanks honey!)

We got to the hospital about the same time as our doctor, and I am so thankful that he made it this time! This was by far my most difficult delivery yet, and boy am I thankful I didn't know what I was up against when I started... a 10lb 7oz giant baby! The poor thing even broke his collarbone on the way out because, as my doctor put it, "something had to give." Oh my, Blaise and I were both exhausted and sore, and I was a little shocked that my fifth baby could be my hardest. I thought they were supposed to just get easier! But we both have been healing up great, and now two weeks later it already seems like a distant memory.

Blaise was born at 11:14 in the morning, and his siblings and grandparents were able to come visit him around dinner time. Everyone was very excited to meet the little guy. I could stare at their faces in this photo forever... look at that joy!

First glance... Pure love

We stayed in the hospital for a full 48 hours, and we were visited by my brother Ben (who brought us dinner and a card game) and my good friends Sara, Sarah and Angela. It was nice to sit around and enjoy the quiet for awhile, but by the time we left I was very ready to be with the whole family together. We have had so many wonderful people bringing us food in the past two weeks, I have not had to make dinner yet! My amazing mom stocked our freezer with meals and has randomly called me a handful of times asking if we need lunch brought to us. I am only now starting to think I should get to the grocery store in case I feel like cooking some day.

Blaise has blended right into our life as we jumped back into homeschooling this week. Days are a bit unpredictable as we figure out his schedule, but we are working together and getting things done, and I already can't imagine life without him!

I'm looking forward to sharing our new addition with the rest of his family when they come to visit soon!



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  1. OH MY GOSH!! How adorable is he? I can't wait to meet that nugget!!