My Beamish Brood

My Beamish Brood

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A Child of the Light

I'm sorry for the long silence on the airwaves; summer gets so busy, and with the addition of our beautiful little girl, I've been finding it very hard to set aside time to blog. But I'm not giving up, so bear with me! Posts may be few and far between until we get our lives back on a schedule, but keep checking and hold me accountable! This is an important outlet for me.

July was an exciting month, with visitors from all directions! To our great excitement, Grandma Yantes and Liam were able to find a ride to our house on Tuesday before Audrey's baptism and stayed until Monday morning! Monica and Glenn came on Wednesday, and Grandpa Yantes arrived Friday afternoon. What a fun full house!

It was a pretty low-key visit until Saturday, since I was still pretty wiped out as a new mom of three. We did some shopping, some playing, but mostly lots of visiting and catching up. Lucian and Liam were inseparable...whether Liam liked it or not! (I think he did, but even if he got tired of his tagalong, he was such a fun uncle all week!)

Then we kicked into gear for the Baptism preparations. Thank goodness I have easygoing and forgiving in-laws... I get a little wound up when I have to prep for a big event. Everyone was so helpful and we were ready to go in plenty of time for the Baptism itself.

We all attended 5:00 Mass at St. Joe's together, then we met Fr. Creagan afterward for the beautiful ceremony. My grandma commented that it was the longest Baptism she'd ever attended... and I'm sure she's right. Fr. Creagan doesn't cut any corners. It was perfect. Audrey is now a member of Christ's Church, and she is loving it! She was a fussy, cranky mess until the moment the rite was over, and then she suddenly became calm and sweet... Holy Spirit, anyone?

But everyone will say that the most entertaining part of the evening was the show put on by my two sons. Thankfully Fr. Creagan has a great sense of humor (and sense of family) so he didn't mind the boys ripping paper and throwing confetti while he was blessing our family in front of the altar. Yes, they were actually throwing confetti. Leave it to kids to really understand the joy of the occasion!

We had everyone back to our house for a late dinner and celebration, and the boys got to stay up long past their bedtime (that actually became a theme for the rest of the visit... we're finally coming back down from a week of little sleep). It was so wonderful to share this special day with so many special people! Thank you especially to Monica and Glenn for taking on the task of being Audrey's Godparents- we have high expectations of our children's Godparents, and we know you're up to the challenge!

The rest of the visit consisted of a trip to the Mall of America, a trip to Nelson's in Stillwater for the most massive portion of ice cream I have ever ordered (see what I'm holding in the picture below? That's the child size), and lots of other fun excursions. I say this every time, but the trip seemed much to short. Monica and Glenn returned home on Wednesday, and our home suddenly seemed so quiet. We miss everyone so much, but we are so blessed that they made the trip to welcome our little girl into the Family!


  1. Great pictures! It's too bad we didn't get one with they boys too. I miss you guys already! We had such a nice time :)

  2. GREAT TIME--And I am ready for a repeat---grandkids in 2 weeks Cant wait. This time Patrick gets in on the fun.