My Beamish Brood

My Beamish Brood

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Nothing But the Truth

It's been a long time since I've written a funny story about Max. It's not that he doesn't do funny stuff anymore, but he's getting older and there are less one-liners... his craziness is more "way of life" than "quote of the day". Oh, and the stuff he does that you may consider "funny" is the stuff that drives me up a wall! But I've decided to bite the bullet and tell you a Max story from today, even though I'm still fuming from it.

I was changing Audrey's diaper and Max sauntered into the room. "What are you doing?" he asked innocently. "Changing Audrey's diaper" I responded (obviously).

"Was she wet?" he asked.
"Yep she was." I answered.
"No she wasn't." he rebutted.
"Um... yes. She was."
"That's not true."
"Yes, it is."
"No it's not. Your truth isn't true. My truth is true."

Did you catch that? "Your truth isn't true. MY truth is true." I can't make this stuff up! Where does he come up with an idea like that? And what do I say in response? Thank goodness for Love and Logic... I turned into a broken record, repeating "I love you too much to argue with you" as he continued to try to convince me that I was wrong. About Audrey's wet diaper. That I had just changed. That he threw in the garbage for me! Child!

I told Paul about it and his response was, "Well, at least he's not a relativist!" But then in later conversation, we couldn't decide whether we'd rather have a relativist for a son or one who is adamantly wrong. What do you think?

I know what I think. I think I want a son who takes my word as gold no matter what the circumstances. Sure, be curious and question everything else in the world, Max, but MOM is always right. Period. (Too much to ask? Yeah, I thought so...)


  1. oh no. he's not like Paul at all. not even in the slightest ;)

  2. Oh,and that picture... pretty much says it all :)

  3. At least he's not a relativist..he's a voluntarist!