My Beamish Brood

My Beamish Brood

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Generation Gap

Audrey and her great grandpa have a tradition every time he comes to visit. He pulls out his camera and says, "Audrey, let's take a selfie!" She climbs up next to him and they put their heads together and smile. People talk about the older generation learning all of their tech skills from the younger, but my grandpa can proudly claim to be the one who taught his three-year-old great-granddaughter the meaning of the word "selfie". 

Sure, she's taken thousands of self-portraits on my phone over the last couple of years, but now she has a word for it... and most often these days, she doesn't turn the camera on herself unless Great Grandpa is around. Sometimes her brothers hop in on the photo as well, but I can tell it's really just a special thing between Grandpa and Audrey. I hope they take a selfie together at her high school graduation! 

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