My Beamish Brood

My Beamish Brood

Friday, January 20, 2017


**I just found this blog post that I never published! I know it's almost Easter, but I still want to have this available for my own memories. It seems like a world away already!**

As always, it's well into January before I get around to writing about Christmas. The task seems so daunting; so much goes on in those few days! But I don't want to forget the fun we had and the joy of sharing it with family. A week before Christmas, my parents invited us down for a gingerbread making party. It's become a tradition of ours, to the point that the kids ask about it all season. Some years I bring the kids down on a weekday and we decorate the houses and have a laid back afternoon. This year, we were invited down for a whole pre-Christmas celebration complete with pizza and a showing of my mom's favorite Christmas movie: The Grinch who Stole Christmas- the original half-hour cartoon, of course. Even my grandparents joined us for the fun!

On Christmas Eve, we donned our festive attire and went to Mass. My mom had three of the five kids on or near her at all times, making things pretty easy on me... thanks Mom!

We came home to our traditional Clam Chowder and a host of other goodies, we played some games and read some books, and even managed to get a really nice family picture! Seriously, look at us!

The next morning we went down to my parents house to continue celebrating. This year, the favorite Christmas gifts were not toys but clothes! Audrey received ballet clothes and Edith a hockey jersey, and I think they have yet to take them off. 



We spent the entire day relaxing, eating, and playing games... just the perfect way to celebrate Christmas. 

Then, because we live by the "go big or go home" rule of life, we rang in the new year with Paul's side of the family! Never too much feasting, I say! More cards, books, laughs, games, and food were had, and I even managed to stay awake for most of it.

I absolutely love our house around the holidays. We can host as many people as want to show up; there's always room for one more. On January 2, the NEWLY ENGAGED Patrick and Anne came through on their way back to school, so we got to hear the whole story firsthand! We are so excited for another family wedding!!

Finally after about a week of nonstop festivities, it was time to get back to real life. Whew! We didn't even travel this year but that sure didn't slow us down! Now it's time to decompress, but it won't take long before I'll want to do it all over again!

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