My Beamish Brood

My Beamish Brood

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Blaise's First Year Blazes By

Oh my poor fifth born! It's November and I haven't yet posted about your FIRST BIRTHDAY!! 

I promise you, my dear Blaiser, that you are loved just as much as your siblings! We dote on you, we adore you... I just have less time to write about it is all. Please don't be mad. 

On September 6, 2017, Blaise Lawrence Yantes turned one year old! He was the first of my children to walk before their first birthday, and he hasn't stopped moving since. He is a sports lover; he was throwing and bouncing balls before he took his first step. He pushes a hockey stick around in front of him wherever he goes, and he is learning to kick a soccer ball. There's not a sport in existence he won't try. 

The other main love of his life is fruit! So instead of opting for a store-bought, thickly frosted, artificially dyed sugar bomb like I did for Edith's first birthday, I went the way of fruit and cream on angel food... mmmmm, his tastes are much more similar to mine. Blaise devoured the fruit, but it took him awhile to discover how amazing the cake was. Once he did, there was no stopping him!

Then it was time to open presents. Realizing this was Blaise's first gift opening experience, his siblings graciously offered to help him with his wrapping paper. It took him awhile to get beyond the fun, brightly colored, crinkly paper, but he was pleasantly surprised to discover what the bags held! He got a couple of puzzles, a book (appropriately titled "Ball"), and... his very favorite...

A brand new playground bouncy ball! 


I have a feeling we may start finding this ball in his bed one of these days. Who needs stuffed animals when you have a green alien bouncy ball?

Blaise, my little man, I hope you know how much you are loved! Every morning you have four siblings (and two parents) who just can't wait to see you! You are a joy to be around, you keep us in stitches with your antics. You aren't about to let yourself be forgotten; you have discovered your vocal chords and you intend to use them. But even though you're a bit loud, and a bit of a bruiser, often your big siblings would rather be beat up on by you than hugged by me. You are their little treasure, and mine too. I love watching you grow, I love your mischievous grin, I love your independent spirit, and I love your snuggles. Thanks for being YOU, Mr. Blaise!


  1. Oh, that face!!! those pictures with the ball!!!! oh my goodness. What a sweetie. <3

  2. I love seeing the unique personalities of the kiddos come out in your writing! Oh Blaise, he is such a ham and I love him!