My Beamish Brood

My Beamish Brood

Tuesday, October 17, 2017


Here I am, suddenly embarking on my fifth year of homeschooling! I have a fourth grader... how is this even possible? In many ways, I still feel like I'm making everything up as I go. But in some very important ways, I am finally beginning to feel like I have a handle on things! Each year it seems that some little piece has fallen into place, and now, when my oldest is almost 10, we actually have a basic flow to our days. And I actually stick with my plan more often than not. Yes, I know, some people can make a schedule and stick with it like glue... I am not one of those people. If I could describe the perfect personality for homeschooling, in all honesty I am missing a lot of the traits I would list.

And yet God has called us to this path, and I am loving the journey! What I lack in organization, I make up for in enthusiasm. And I love, love, love to learn with my kids. I'm hoping they'll end up ok even if we don't do math every day at 9:30. Even if our chalk wall is a constant mess of scribbles and half-erased drawings. Even if lunch sometimes (often) consists of jelly toast and frozen peas.

Our first day of school seems so long ago now! But we followed our usual routine and began our school year by having a yummy breakfast, opening wrapped school supplies, and taking first day of school pictures. My crowns were a little haphazard this year... I may have been putting them together in the morning as kids were waking up. But they got done and the tradition continues! 

So without further ado, our yearly introductions!

Max, 4th grade
Favorites: Reading, drawing, paper crafts, puns and wordplay, Taekwondo, music
Goals: To earn an orange belt in Taekwondo, to publish a book like Grandma
Last Year's Goal Accomplished: Max acted in a play this summer!
Things to Remember: Max has shown amazing focus and dedication in his Taekwondo training this year. It is exciting to see him work really hard at something that is difficult but that he loves!
First Day of School Book: The Mysterious Benedict Society, by Trenton Lee Stewart

Lucian, 2nd Grade
Favorites: Soccer, the MN United, numbers and patterns, backyard sports, chess, board games
Goals: To beat his dad in backyard soccer and chess, to learn a new song on piano
Last Year's Goal Accomplished: Lucian has become a fluent reader!
Things to Remember: Lucian has the heart of a servant. Every time a sibling needs something- whether it be help with spelling a word or a comforting hug after an owie, he is there. He is receiving his first Sacraments this year, we couldn't be more excited!
First Day of School Book: If You Made a Million, by David M. Schwartz

Audrey, Kindergarten
Favorites: Ballet, gymnastics, biking, playing princesses with Edith and the neighbors, curling up in sunbeams
Goals: To learn to read, to dance on pointe shoes...someday.
Last Year's Goal Accomplished: Audrey rides her bike like a pro with no training wheels!
Things to Remember: Audrey has become very affectionate this year! She writes cards and draws pictures for everyone she loves, and she is always asking for kisses and cuddles. I could get used to this!
First Day of School Book: Blueberries for Sal, by Robert McCloskey

Edith, Preschool
Favorites: Hockey, Wild player Zach Parise, coloring, stickers, playing princesses with Audrey and the neighbors, singing, telling stories
Goals: To learn to skate, to cover the entire house in a layer of stickers
Last Year's Goal Accomplished: Edith is VERY close to being potty trained!
Things to Remember: Edith keeps us in stitches with her stories and adorable mispronunciations. My favorites are "Cinderella" (umbrella), "Alligator" (elevator), "Hole-and-Tell" (Hotel),
First Day of School Book: I can't remember! That was two whole months ago!... oops.

Blaise, Baby
Favorites: Balls and hockey sticks, peas, his siblings, toilet water
Goals: To learn how to get places faster, to figure out a way into the bathroom when the door is closed.
Things to Remember: Blaise was carrying around a hockey stick before he started walking. He is the sportiest kid I've ever met. His first word was "Ball" and he constantly has one in his hand or is pushing one around on the floor with any stick he can find!

We are a busy bunch! I hope to write more soon about the flow of our days, but for now I'll leave it at this little snapshot of my brood. What a great combination of unique personalities I have surrounding me! 

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