My Beamish Brood

My Beamish Brood

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Toot Toot

So we have a little girl. And she has two big brothers. And her brothers like potty humor. Why did I think I'd be able to avoid this new problem? At only 21 months of age, she thinks flatulence is hilarious. Every time (and I mean EVERY time) she hears someone pass gas... or even something that sounds remotely like that noise... she gets the giggles and says, "Toot! Hehehe, toot! Toot!" Even the sound of popcorn popping reminds her of toots and makes her laugh like crazy.

Does this look like a face that would laugh at bathroom humor?
And it doesn't end with gas. Yesterday she wore a pair of pants with a kitty on the bottom. Don't worry, decorated bottoms will not be allowed on my children past toddler-hood. But she loves the pants and spent the morning trying to see the cat on her behind... as you can imagine, it looked pretty funny. At one point during this endeavor I exclaimed, "You have a kitty-bum!", which sent her into a fit of giggles and requests to say it "Again! Again!"

Oh yeah. Then there's her obsession with the bathroom, especially when it's occupied by me. Sure I try to keep the door closed, but inevitably one of the boys will burst in and then leave it wide open when I shoo them out... and up pops little Ethel, questioning, "Poooop? Pooooooop?" None of your business, little girl.

The one upside of this fascination with all-things-potty is that she is quick to inform me when she needs a diaper change. I don't think she's necessarily uncomfortable, I think she just likes talking about it. She'll even go so far as to grab a diaper, grab the wipes, and lie down on the floor waiting for me. I guess the potty humor is inevitable in a house overrun with boys, but any thoughts of having at least one ally who wouldn't stoop so low are now squarely out the window.

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  1. :) She is awesome. She also looks super cute. I just can't believe how cute and big she is getting! And what an adorable outfit! I miss that little munchkin! Oh, and I know Nathaniel is a boy, but the potty humor started around hear around 8 mo... If you can't beat 'em...